Lifetime installation warranty


We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Lakefront Flooring warrants to the purchaser that all installation work will be performed in a professional manner in accordance with industry standards and best practices. The warranty is non-transferable. If product failure should occur within the lifetime of the product as set out by the manufacturer for your purchase, as a result of installation error, we will, at our option, repair or replace the affected material with the same product, if available, or product equivalent in cost and quantity of purchaser's choice. Any additional costs not part of the original contract would be the responsibility of the purchaser. 

The warranty does not cover:

  • Warranty in lieu of the manufacturer's warranty for product failure or defects
  • Verbal agreements between the store and the purchaser
  • Dissatisfaction due to improper maintenance
  • Burns, stains, cuts, scratches, scuffs, gouges, indentations, including lack of proper floor protectors and furniture rests, high heel shoes, or damage caused by other abuse or accident.
  • Problems caused by structural movement which result in disruption of the materials as originally installed. In particular, but not limited to, conditions related to expansion, contraction, settlement, or cracking of the subfloor.
  • This guarantee does not cover damage of any kind caused by domestic pets. Care and protection is solely the purchaser's responsibility
  • Lakefront Flooring will not pay for consequences of incidental damages under this guarantee. Repair, refinish or replacement of flooring materials only will be the sole remedy.

Please consult the store if you have any additional questions pertaining to our warranty.