Measuring for installation

  • Measurements will take approximately 5-25 minutes depending on the scope of your project. We use laser distance measurers so we only need access to walls to get accurate distances.

  • At this time we can answer any questions you may have, as well as make suggestions to what types of flooring would be suitable for each specific area.

  • Now that we have measured, the estimator will turn the measurements in to the sales team where an estimate for your project will be created.

  • If you have not already, now would be good time to stop in to one of our two locations to pick out some materials to be added to your estimate.

  • If you have already picked out materials, the sales team will contact you with your estimate as well as email it to you for your approval.

  • Upon your approval of the estimate you will need to come in and put a down payment on your project so that we can get any special-order materials on the way.




We're here to help

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What to know:


  • Doors may need trimmed after new flooring is installed

  • Unforeseen issues discovered once installation begins may require additional labor and materials

  • Most flooring requires a clean smooth subfloor that is flat to within 3/16 of deviation from flat over 10: Additional labor and material may be needed to achieve this requirement.


  • Concrete subfloors and crawl spaces require a moisture/vapor barrier.

  • New flooring will need to acclimate prior to installation.

  • An expansion gap is required at the perimeter of the room and will need covered by the existing or new base.


  • Tile patterns and large format tile require extra material as well as extra labor.

  • Different types of tile and where they are installed require different sealing and grouting options.


  • We may be able to install new vinyl products over existing sheet vinyl.

  • New vinyl may require an underlayment, either liquid or luan.

  • Seams are not invisible, vinyl flooring is available in 6' 12' 13'2" widths as well as floating and glued down plank.


  • Tack strips are normally reused if they are in good condition.

  • We reserve the right to refuse the removal of heavily soiled carpet.

  • Seams may be visible based on location, lighting, and type of carpet chosen. Choosing 12' or 15' wide carpet can directly affect the placement of the seams.

Need us to move your furniture for installation?


  • Remove all bedding and break down bed frames.

  • Unplug, disconnect and remove all lamps, TVs and electronics.

  • Clear all furniture surfaces, valuables from shelving, cabinets and drawers.

Installation in Erie, PA from Lakefront Flooring
Installation in Erie, PA from Lakefront Flooring
Installation in Erie, PA from Lakefront Flooring

Our goal at Lakefront Flooring:

We strive to be your one stop shop for all your flooring needs. We offer free estimates and a hassle-free sales experience. From the tile in your shower, to the carpet in your bedroom, to the hardwood in your dining room, we have everything you need to floor your home. Our staff prides itself on excellent customer service and advanced knowledge of all the products we offer. All our installers are in-house employees giving us more control over the installation process. We perform background checks on all staff to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for our customers. We hope to give you the best experience possible from the time you walk through our door until we walk out of yours.