Carpet is always trendy

Carpet will always be a top choice. People are drawn to the warm, cozy feeling, the soft comfort underfoot, the functional capabilities, and, of course, the style of a carpet installation. In addition, technology has enabled manufacturers to expand color palettes, develop digital patterning and create pet-and-kid friendly, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly versions.

What to expect at our carpet store in Erie, PA

You'll see various colors, styles, and designs from different mills like Revolution, Dixie Home, Milliken, Philadelphia Commercial, and more at our carpet store in Erie, PA. So, whether you require extra stain resistance, durability, or some particular need (pet-friendly, for instance), we have something for you.

The journey of the rug begins with a looped construction

All carpets start as a looped construction. That includes Berber, a distinctive pattern that contains flecks of brown and gray and basic level loops with tight, uncut piles. Looped constructions are durable, easy to clean, and stylish.  Then, the yarns either remain uncut or are also sheared into piles of various heights. These include the basic cut-pile with short, even fibers and a kind of fuzzy look. This is suitable for high traffic floors. Saxony, a cut-pile with longer yarns, has a soft, velvety, plush texture with a more formal look, ideal for living rooms that are only used to entertain or bedrooms. Saxony also comes in a textured version, ideal for all traffic levels. The shag and frieze are high pile carpets, with the frieze also having yarns so tightly twisted they curl. Both soft surfaces are durable, but the shag, often referred to as a sheepdog rug, requires more upkeep, so it's best for low-traffic areas like the bedroom. Cut and loop rugs combine various fiber heights to create patterns, including geometrics and pin-dots. Low pile rugs with short and tightly woven fibers are more durable and easier to keep clean. You'll often see this carpet in offices. As a note, we know that it can be overwhelming to be surrounded by so much beauty but stay focused on finding the soft surface most aligned with your needs.

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